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That you’ll give me the first opportunity to challenge for the title I’ve never really lost after you beat Triple H next week ooh did someone say my name oh he’s on your Rick shirt bless you all right now you’re walking kind of weird whoa hold on a sec you sawed-off Wow triple Eight’s joke he called Daniel Bryan a sawed-off midget I think Thatcherism think this man.

played day of reckoning to room with that prologue what are you doing asking them for title match everyone in this arena knows that at Wrestle Mania James is just going to be the latest in a long line of guys who lost to the Cerebral Assassin harpsichord you’re a lose rand after I regain my title Beatlemania James is going to be loser too hell maybe he’ll start his own little energy show to try.

And make up for his lack of title gold yo that was now the low blow I am a time world champion and by all rights I should still That You Can Learn From Business Development be champion I don’t know Kirchhoff’s playing out with this stupid tournament but it’s just delaying the inevitable and you’re just wasting your time we’re wasting our time huh well seeing is how you came out here uninvited you and flair seemed to have some spare time of your own and now it’s time to put up or shut up how about you two versus Jericho and me in a tag match tonight no way look at this man triple Ashe’s a champion he’s the greatest professional wrestler living today he doesn’t have to prove nothing.