A Pioneer In The Omaha Landscaping Industry. Here’s What You’ll Need

They get from it as wells the miss felony miss that bringing out a landscaper has to be expensive just the opposite actually budget was brought in and we actually came in half of that budget and the enjoyment of uses to bring a property that was as a-year old dead trees and to bring it into a static value of current look and feel included an even longer feature on the project we had near for Danny Kathy’s they had some existence stuff in place which is nice most homeowners think that you got to start.

From scratch throw throw everything out with theater baby with the bath or that’s not the case at all I enjoy the challenge actually a working with what’s in place salvaging what we can in this instance with the property here we had a Miss area you’ll see a lot of the remnants of the original stone that they had was larger boulders and and it was nice Tobe able to keep that original stone and we actually added some more river rock with it to give us some character in themed itself rather Omaha Landscaping than having the previous portion of landscaping it was all big boulders or river rock and we broke it up by putting in some mulch swell as the trees and the shrubs.

on both sides of it you’ll see here before and after pictures there was a large pine tree here and for a simple amount of money rather than trying to dig out that stump we’re able to provide elevations with dirt gives it more of an aesthetic value doesn’t cost a lot of money but a lot of the neighbors don’t have an ass what gives you a yard of Appeal what you’ll see is we can put simple prairie grasses on top of that large stump so we don’t have to rip out an our bill worked out for Omaha landscaping company everybody you mind up we can look.

At this other side of the project so you want to get up here what we wanted to do on this towards a portion of the house is to have kind of a master plan as if you would rather than have one area look a little bit different than the other is to blend them together so it have some eye appeal and systemic value once again keeping on a theme owlet’s not.